Victoria Beckham – Beauty and the Bunion

Victoria Beckham on foot brace

Victoria Beckham has been in the press lately regarding her feet and her foot brace that she has been fashioning in recent weeks. She has, no doubt, taken advice from her husband David Beckham regarding foot rehabilitation. He is no stranger to foot trauma having had a metatarsal injury and wore an air-cast too.

Having not treated Mrs. Beckham, I can only surmise that she may have had a metatarsal bruise or stress fracture from the misalignment in her forefeet. It is commonly known that Mrs. Victoria Beckham has endured bunions, medically known as hallux valgus, for some time now. They appear to be of no hindrance to the busy mother of four.

When the forefoot metatarsal bones are not aligned, the foot gets wider and the bones protrude behind the big toe and the fifth toe. The big toe then turns towards the second toe and the little toe turns inwards towards the 4th toe. This creates a triangle-shaped foot in the toe area. This is actually quite a convenient position for the toes to be in when wearing pointed high heels or pointed flat shoes. However, when the first metatarsal bone deviates at a certain angle, it causes a large boney lump which can painfully press against even the softest of shoes.

A resultant collapse of the medial arch may be evident when Mrs. Beckham is standing on her bare feet or in flat shoes - the medial arch may depress. However, with her dance training and excellent posture, she will most likely hold her feet with a conscious effort to keep the arches up and ankles aligned as all well trained dancers do.

Wearing high heels pushes the ankle forward and aligns them, making them appear straight. This may be why she finds wearing heels more comfortable?

I was once asked during a television interview I was giving in Dubai about Mrs Victoria Beckham’s feet. I had said that she was so elegant and beautiful, no one should be staring at her feet! She shouldn’t have concerned herself with having a painful surgery with three young children and another on the way - she was pregnant with Harper at the time I gave the interview. Being a busy working mother, there is little time to take a minimum of one month of rest to fix bunions with surgical intervention.

That’s why many women opt for the Footerella System to help improve their foot posture and help minimise their bunions - especially if they are painful. The simple camouflage adhesive forefoot taping method using Beauty and the Bunion would help align the big toe in open shoes giving the temporary appearance of a straight toe. The toenail looks straight and level when wearing open toed shoes - allowing painted toenails to be noticed for all the right reasons.


A stronger treatment involves the Footerella System - wearing 3 different intensity levels of insoles inside sports shoes when working out. Using the electro-muscle stimulator minipad for the feet these tighten the forefoot muscles when sitting working. Finally, forefoot adhesive tapes to bind the forefoot together for 2-6 weeks to slim the forefoot achieves a tighter look and feel to the feet.


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