Slimmer, Smaller Feet

To make your feet slimmer and smaller we must address the three arches in the foot. The forefoot arch runs across the foot and this gives the foot it’s width. The medial arch runs along the inside of the foot and this is the most commonly known arch in the foot. The third arch runs along the outside of the foot and this is called the lateral arch.

By lifting all three of these arches we can make the foot slimmer and smaller. For example, a flatfoot will be longer than the foot really should be. Raising the arches of the feet will decrease the length of the foot; making a slimmer and  smaller feet.

Three components must be addressed in order to get the foot slimmer and smaller. Firstly, the bones must be lifted using the three foot insoles. Secondly, the ligaments must be contracted using the foot tapes. Finally, the muscles must be engaged and strengthened using the electro muscle stimulator pad. The Footerella System combines all 3 to make the foot slimmer and smaller. Each individual person’s feet differ from one another and the results will vary depending on the severity of the condition of the feet.

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    • footerella says:

      Yes we can make your foot smaller by 2 sizes and more if you exercise also while using the footerella insoles too. Fx

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