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Many women and men want to make their feet slimmer and smaller. Being told to just wear wider shoes is not the answer anymore. It’s similar to having crooked teeth and wanting straight teeth and being told ‘just don’t smile’.

The Footerella System addresses three parts of the foot. The bones, the muscles and the ligaments all control the shape, width and length of the foot. The foot can be made smaller by lifting the three arches in the foot. There are 3 insoles inside the Footerella System that are designed to lift the medial, lateral and the transverse arches. The Footerella System uses adhesive medical tapes to tighten the forefoot, which makes the foot slimmer. Finally, the muscles underneath and between the bones can be weak, especially if the feet are flat and wide. By using the Footerella EMS device on each foot, these electrical muscle stimulators tighten the muscles between the metatarsals making the foot slimmer and smaller. By lifting the bones in the feet, tightening the muscles and contracting the ligaments, the foot can easily become smaller and slimmer. The male version of the system is called Tri-Step and it changes feet from a range of sizes 52 to a size 42 and the women’s Footerella System changes feet from sizes between 43 to a size 37.


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