Prevent golf club grip finger blisters

Footerella Golf Finger Tapes on golfer's hand

A practical assessment of Golf Finger tapes by Mark Armstrong

” It summer, humidity and sweat makes me increase my grip on the handle and my left 5th finger starts to rub and friction on the end of the club. The tapes saved my fingers on my left thumb and first finger at the driving range of 2 bags of balls. But the 40°C heat, humidity and having to grip tighter than normal because of the moisture and blisters are forming.

So i used Golf Finger on my predictable “Hot spots” – my left index finger and thumb. Today’s elements were quite extreme so I used one also on my 5th finger. Happy to report no blisters. “

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4 thoughts on “Prevent golf club grip finger blisters

  1. John Paterson says:

    How can I get this in Dubai? I’ve got really bad blisters. I have a good grip but the driving range is getting my hands torn up from hitting 100 balls in the heat and humidity. Cheers John.

    • footerella says:

      Dear John , Yes you can uy this from the Dubai Podiatry centre in Dubai. The WhatsApp for their centre is Dubai, 0503553024. Best wishes, Footerella

  2. Michael Northcoate says:

    I hope this stays fixed. I use bandaids and they are useless and wrinkle and come off. My hands sweat a lot will these stay in place? Be honest because I don’t want to waste my time and get more annoyed if these are the same as band aids and fall off. I Ise even the waterproof ones and they come off. Cheers Mike

    • footerella says:

      Dear Mike, yes these tapes are very adhesive and designed for hand movement and friction with a Golf club. They are not the same as band-aids at all as those are dressings and these are kinesiology tapes made for hands with sweat and friction taken into account. We promise you will be happy with them. Try them and please send us your comments once you have had your session of them and let us know of your experience. Best wishes, Footerella

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