Michael Jackson and his flat feet

Michael Jackson and the wonderful Liza Minnelli were friends for many years. Ms. Minelli gave an interview discussing her foot advise to her good friend Michael Jackson. She was talking about his entertainment and dance performances as a young adult. When she looked at his feet and saw how flat they were, she insisted he worked on his foot muscles. She said that to be a good dancer he would have to engage his foot muscles and develop the arches in his feet. He did just as she advised and developed much better arches in his feet. Many men cannot spend hours per day with strict dance routines to tighten their foot muscles.

That is why using the Tri-step System using arch lifting insoles in 3 stages, electro muscle stimulating foot pads to tighten the foot muscles and adhesive tapes to tighten the foot is a more retaliating approach to lifting flat feet.

Watch the video below on how Tri-Step System works.



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3 thoughts on “Michael Jackson and his flat feet

  1. Michaelforever says:

    He was an amazing dancer. Thank you for sharing the story about feet. We always like to hear stories about him.

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