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Usually heel pain starts only on 1 foot. It can be on and off until it is very very painful and feels like a broken bone inside the heel. Usually those suffering this painful condition called planter fasciitis feel like frauds. This is because when they wake up first thing in the morning the heel is very painful to put on the ground and after 20 steps it starts to feel better. Usually they can run 5 km or more without any problems and then after sitting for a while and standing up it is then very painful.

Family members can begin to believe that this person with your pain is making it up because how can they run for5 km or more and yet have pain in their feet when they go to stand up and take a few simple steps. Planter fatty, it is most commonly is the swelling of the heel bone where a very thick leather strap like structure called the planter fascia inserts into the heel bone.

Usually on the shorter leg every human being has a shorter leg this tilts the hip forward making that ankle slightly lean in and the arch to drop a little. This engages the plantar fascia to pull taught. If this goes on for too long the bone where it attaches into begins to crack microscopically which feels like a broken bone. Swelling builds up after periods of rest so that when the patient puts the foot on the ground it hurts as much as a broken bone but as walking begins to increase the circulation it removes the swelling so the pain feels better.

Using Hilbers cushions to heal and also the electro muscle stimulator helps with pain but also tightened and engages the foot arch muscles so that the foot is not reliant only on the plantar fascia to hold its shape. In severe cases and orthotic may have to be worn for 12 weeks to lift the arch and tilt the ankle straight to stop the overall engagement of the plantar fascia band.

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7 thoughts on “Men with Heel Pain – Heel Buzz

  1. Lee Davis says:

    Can I use this with heel pain I’ve had for over a year? Nobody I’ve seen has described the heel pain like this before and it really makes sense and that’s why it’s not getting better. Ive also been putting weight on because I can’t walk well the next day. Lee

  2. Theresa McManus says:

    My husband can hardly walk every morning when he gets up but later he can walk normally. His heel looks normal. He runs in the evening also. It’s been more than 5 months but he keeps saying it will get better on its own. Could he use this? Thank you Theresa

    • footerella says:

      Yes Theresa, he could certainly use the Heel Buzz. It will help with the pain and also reduce the stress on the plantar fascia band that pulls on the heel bone and will cushion his heel bone through the fatty padding. Best wishes, Footerella

  3. Brenda says:

    My husband is in a lot of pain every morning with his right heel and can’t walk properly or get down the stairs but he comes home at the end of the day walking fine. I think he has this and should see the Dr about it and try this. How long before he will feel better using this? Brenda

  4. Roy says:

    My left heel is about 9/10 pain level. I can’t put my heel on the ground in the morning but later it feels fine and I can run. My wife thinks I’m making it up. Would this help me? Thank you. Roy

  5. Tarek says:

    I live in Saudi and have a very painful left heel. I’ve had 12 sessions of physiotherapy and I’ve got a silicone heel gel insole. It’s still very painful. I had 3 sessions of shockwave therapy and I think it’s made it worse. I can come there for the day to see the Dr? Tarek

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