Children’s feet differ from adults feet in the way that the ligaments that hold the
bones together are very stretchy due to the growth hormone.
Specialized insoles and padding strapping and taping can be used to control
the foot, ankle and knee where growing pains exist.

THe Wave for Kids

Due to the growth hormone in children, the ligaments are chewing-gum like and stretchy. This can make the ankles lean-in and the arches to[...]

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Up & Out Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails can be troublesome. By cutting the sides of the the toenails it can make the problem worse. By keeping the nail plate intact,[...]

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Verruca Vac

This Professional treatment if warts creates a strong suction on the wart and verrucae allowing blood flow back into the area that the virus has[...]

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Verruca Vitamins

Vitamin A is well known for skin and eye health. It is also commonly found to be deficient in those suffering multiple verruca and warts. A 6 week[...]

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Warts and verrucaes are a pain on the hands, feet and other body areas. Traditional methods use chemicals to burn the skin. Warts SuckTM uses[...]

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