Hyper-pronation Wave Orthotic

Footerella The wave orthotic on sports shoe

There are many great running shoes for hyper-pronation. The inside aspect of the sole of the shoe is usually solid and made of a denser material.  If the running shoe is very soft the excessive probation is increase.

A device that actually correct and prevents the hyper-pronation is ideal. Wave orthotics are very thin – less than a millimetre. The reinforced wedge in the inside prevents hyper pronation. Depending on the angle of foot deviation, the wave orthotic aligner can be adjusted to correct any excessive movement.

For example, if the foot leans-in by 13 degrees the medial wedge for the wave orthotic aligner can be tilted 13 degrees to counter act is and aligning the foot and ankle.

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8 thoughts on “Hyper-pronation Wave Orthotic

  1. Antoine de Bens says:

    I’ve been told my left foot is probating but my right is straight can this help both my different feet? Thanks Tony

    • footerella says:

      Dear Tony, yes it can maintain the position of your neutral foot and align the foot that is pronating. Best wishes, Footerella

  2. Elena Von Dhoren says:

    Do you make this for females also? My foot size is 39 and my foot is for sure leaning in and getting more and my arch is getting flatter. My foot got bigger also. I run 10 k most days. I need this for sure. Elena

    • footerella says:

      Dear Elena, Yes the Wave orthotics is for all, children, women, men. The wave orthotic lifts the arch and aligns the foot to neutral. It corrects excessive pronation which can flatten the foot arches. Best wishes, Footerella

  3. Waleed Falasi says:

    Dear, Can i come there and make this – i have very flat feet and they tell me its pronation and my shoes don’t help much – maybe this can give me a chance Waleed

    • footerella says:

      Dear Waleed, yes come in and the Podiatrist Michelle Champlin will make a complete assessment – please bring your sports shoes and your shorts with you and any other medical information you have from before such as X-rays etc. Best wishes, Dubai Podiatry

  4. Josef Jadlowski says:

    I have heels that come in and I use asics for anti-pronation. Do you mean you have something that can actually correct my probation so I can wear a normal shoe?? Can you reply? Thanks Joe

    • footerella says:

      Dear Joe, Yes the Wave orthotic corrects hyper pronation so that you can wear any shoe. For example, if your foot pronates 10 degrees, the wave orthotic tilts you 10 degrees to obtain neutral alignment. Happy to help! Footerella

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