Getting married and want slimmer and smaller feet to fit your wedding shoes?

Getting married gives us a lot of motivation to be in the best shape of our lives. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a very enjoyable experience. However finding the perfect wedding shoes can leave our feet aching. Pretty wedding shoes are usually not very comfortable. Trying to please the aesthetic lines of the foot in the shoe can mean forfeiting comfort.

Using the the Footerella System for 12 weeks before getting married can ensure that all the arches in your feet are at their highest - making the foot slimmer and smaller. To get the best from the Footerella System means walking to tighten the forefoot muscles. The added benefit of this is weight loss in general and forming the muscle tone in the legs and bottom.

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11 thoughts on “Getting married and want slimmer and smaller feet to fit your wedding shoes?

  1. nazish fatima says:

    Hi,my daughter is just 11yrs n she is having size 41 which seems too much at her age and she has a broad n high foot arch also,I mean she doesn’t have flat feet,does this help.
    I m very worried.

    • footerella says:

      Dear Mrs. Fatima, Yes sometimes the forefoot is broad in high arched feet also, the forefoot gets wider due to the collapse of the transverse arch and not the main medial arch. You can WhatsApp a photo to our clinic WhatsApp in Dubai Podiatry Centre and the Podiatrist Foot Doctor will look and she can advise what to do treatment wise. Michelle Champlin Chief Podiatrist WhatsApp +971503553024 . best wishes, Footerella

  2. Tatiana says:

    Will my feet stay small or should I wait for closer to the time that I get married. I get married in 10 months. Tks

    • footerella says:

      Dear Tatiana, congratulations on your engagement. Much better to start wearing it now and then you can just keep the feet maintained as there is a maintenance orthotic in the Footerella system that you can keep in your sneakers so that your foot stays slim and smaller. Best wishes, Footerella

  3. Abdulla says:

    I want to buy this for my wife. Is there a specific size? She is a 41 and I think she should be smaller feet coz her feet are too flat n wide. thks

    • footerella says:

      Dear Abdulla, yes you can buy the Footerella as her size is designed to be made smaller – the maximum it may go to is a size 38 as that is what the Footerella system is set to make the foot the smallest size to. it will not get smaller than a size 38 from a 41. Hope this helps!

  4. Natalia says:

    I really need this! I bought a pair of dream shoes that I really want to wear and I must wear them just even for the photos but my foot looks fat inside it. I read that I can stretch the shoes but the shoe will get wider and I don’t want it to look like that. I need them to be perfect. I have 5 months before I get married. Is this enough time? Please reply asap! Thanks!!!

    • footerella says:

      Dear Natalia,

      Yes it is enough time. We advised 6 – 12 weeks time and during that time use the footerella system as much as possible and also walk as much as possible wearing the footerella insoles too to get the best result.

  5. Daniya says:

    Hi, Im getting married in just over 3 months and I really want to wear the shoes I bought but my feet are wide!!! Can this help make my feet slimmer? Danyia

    • footerella says:

      Dear Daniya, use the Footerella as soon as possible and get walking with the 3 sets of insoles as much as possible. Wear them all day and also go out walking for 1 hour a day to make sure you get the strongest muscular result while wearing the Footerella insoles. Your feet may ache more than usual while using the Footerella insoles as you are getting faster results the more you wear them so the muscles complain more but it will be worth it to get your feet slim in time for your wedding. Best wishes, Footerella

    • footerella says:

      Dear Daniya, yes this will make your feet slimmer and smaller if your arches can be raised. We advised to start wearing the Footerella system as soon as possible and walk as much as possible wearing the 3 pairs of insoles as advised to get the strongest result. If he is in UAE we advise seeing Michelle Champlin at the Dubai Podiatry Centre. Otherwise seek a biomechanics Podiatrist for foot assessment and treatment. Best wishes, Footerella

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