Forefoot tapes to bind the feet

The forefoot can widen and cause the gig toe to move away from the foot. This is called hallux valgus or commonly also known as a bunion. The ligaments soften and cause the bones to move away from each other which makes the foot wider. Female hormones make the ligaments softer compare to men’s ligaments that are stiffer and stronger. Using Footerella Tapes in the special position holds the foot together and can reverse early stages of bunion for formation.

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10 thoughts on “Forefoot tapes to bind the feet

  1. Patricia D’Souza says:

    My mother has been told that the cushioning on the soles of her feet is too thin. Could she use this? Will it give her comfort and support? She is 72. Thank you Patricia

  2. Souda Bin Thani says:

    I have a bunion and have been told that if it isn’t painful then do not make the surgery. But I don’t like the look of it and I want it fixed. Can I use this and does it really work. Souda

  3. Tina Jadlowski says:

    Can I use this tape? I’m 32 years old female never had children. How much and for how long? Thanks Tina

    • footerella says:

      Hello Tina, yes you can use this foot tape. depending on the severity of the case you can use for 2-6 weeks to get your desired result. Each bag contains enough tapes for both feet for 2 weeks. Best regards, Footerella

  4. Claire Cooke says:

    My feet got bigger after my children and I have always thought that my front foot gotten wider and that’s why it got bigger. Is this the case? Can this fix it? Thank you Claire

    • footerella says:

      Yes Claire, the pregnancy hormones make the ligaments soft and this makes the bones in the feet move from the soft ligaments. The foot can easily widen. Yes, the tapes will bind your feet and make the ligaments tighten again as the tapes move the bones together to allow the ligaments to contract . Tapes should be worn on the feet all day for 2-6 weeks depending on the requirement. Best wishes, Dubai Podiatry

    • footerella says:

      Yeas your daughter can use this. Also a good idea to check her ankle alignment as much of the time the ankle leaning-in will cause a bunion deformity at a young age. Best to have an assessment with Podiatrist Michelle Champlin. Best regards, Dubai Podiatry Centre

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