Cornssuck to relieve footcorn pain

Corn Suck is used to pull the skin towards the surface reducing the impact of the corn into the skin. Corns on the feet can be which painful to walk on.

Use corns Suck at least once a day for 10 minutes will help improve the skin quality in and around the corner area. It’s recommended to have the corn reduced by the podiatrist and then use the corn Suck afterwards to pull the skin towards the surface increasing the bloodflow and healthy skin growth.

Use daily for a month to notice the difference in the skin quality. In tough cases it can take up to 3 months

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10 thoughts on “Cornssuck to relieve footcorn pain

  1. Sandeep Pantay says:

    My wife is having severe pain to her 2 feet. She cannot walk without a lot of pain even in soft shoes. What can we do for her? Sandeep

    • footerella says:

      Hello Sandeep, please take your wife to see a Podiatrist. We also recommend using foot corns tape in conjunctions with corns suck! device and also wave orthotic to redistribute pressure to the corn. Best wishes, Footerella

  2. Sabrina Wilson says:

    Will this cute my corn or should I use something also. My corn is painful and I want to do everything required to fix it forever. Thank you. Sabrina

    • footerella says:

      Dear Sabrina, we advise wave orthotic to change the pressure in your foot with foot corns tape used daily for 1-3 months and also corns suck! device used daily for 1 month to help rid your foot of the corn. Best regards, Footerella

  3. Arwa Al Halabi says:

    I have a corn for many years. I wear an insole from the chiropodist but I still have to go every month to have it removed. Can this help me? I’m 56 years old 72 kilos woman. Thanking you. Arwa

    • footerella says:

      Dear Arwa, a corrective insole such as Wave orthotic is advised to change the angle of your foot to prevent overloading leading to corn formation. Also using Foot corns tape to promote the fatty padding to go back into place would help. And to encourage healing, corns suck! device used daily for 1 month would also help too. Healthy regards, Footerella

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