Burning foot when cycling

When cycling, the front of the foot is the main power from which the force of the lower leg is pushed through the pedal. If the forfeit is not in the correct metatarsal position the intermetatarsal muscles will start to cramp and feel very hot like burning sensation.

The metatarsal position is similar to the tooth position at the front of the mouth. The layman’s term for an overbite is called buck teeth. When the metatarsals drop instead of being rainbow shaped giving a nice transverse arch in the forfeit the metatarsals drop and become a depressed arch which does not engage the intermetatarsal muscles and these are the muscles that begin to burn and feel hot when cycling after 20 km or so.

By using adhesive stretchy kinesiology tapes, Hot Foot Relief TM, specially designed for this part of the foot to engage the transverse arch this will allow those muscles to engage during the force of the pedal push resulting in longer kilometres before the hot foot starts to develop. In severe cases are special orthotic may also have to be worn during the day when not cycling to lift the metatarsals back up similar to orthodontic braces for the teeth. For mild problems, use the hotfoot kinesesiology tape while cycling and for severe cases, visit your podiatrist for an orthotic to lift these bones outside and use hotfoot tapes whilst cycling to perform to your best.




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14 thoughts on “Burning foot when cycling

  1. David Beauchamp says:

    This burning pain has stopped me training and I tried to put something in my cycle shoes but it didn’t work. I will give this a go. Do you deliver to Paris, France or can I purchase it here? Thanking you, David

  2. Chris Bailey says:

    This makes sense and will give this a try. I’m work in Abu Dhabi and can come through on a Saturday. I would like to meet Michelle Champlin. Chris

  3. Peter says:

    I have this excruciating pain on my left foot after 30km and I can’t keep going. It literally stops me and I have to take my shoe off and really rub and massage my foot and then it’s ok. I think I should see the specialist. I live in Dubai and I see you advise people to go to see Michelle Champlin at the Dubai Podiatry Centre. Should I take anything with me? My shoes? Thanks, Peter

  4. Sam says:

    I have a coast to coast ride coming up in 6 months and I really need to fix this hot foot problem of mine. I get it in both feet and I can’t stop it. I’ve tried wiser shoes but I still get it and definitely will try this. I ordered it already and waiting for it to arrive. Is there anything else you recommend to make sure I can do this in 6 months time without having to stop? Cheers, Sam

    • footerella says:

      Dear Sam, So use the Hot Foot tapes in your cycle shoes. Also see your Podiatrist and get an orthotic to wear as much as possible that has a transverse arch lift so that you are also correcting the structure when you are not cycling. In UAE we advise you to go to the Dubai Podiatry Centre – or if you are located elsewhere then go and see your local Podiatrist that specialises in biomechanics. Best wishes for your training, Footerella

  5. Hammad says:

    We have a cycle team in Dubai and there are 3 that would benefit from this. Would someone from you team come to talk to us about this. We could give you some social media mentions on our team Instagram. Thanks, Hazza

    • footerella says:

      Dear Hazza, we can send your team samples to try out – if there are any issues that your team members want to specifically discuss you could see the Podiatrist Michelle Champlin at the Dubai Podiatry Centre for a biomechanics assessment. Best wishes , Footerella

    • footerella says:

      Dear Hazza, Can you ask the members of your team to visit Michelle Champlin at the Dubai Podiatry Centre and she will make a thorough biomechanics assessment of them and get them cycle fit. We can send you samples of Hot Foot for your team to use also. Best wishes, Footerella

  6. Lisa McGuire says:

    My husband has been having this and he really likes his cycling but he said he can’t go more than 20km without stopping to take his shoes off and running his feet. The. It gets better. Would this help for him? Thank you – Lisa

    • footerella says:

      Dear Lisa, it does sound like he suffers from hot foot. He should definitely try hotfoot and read the instructions on how to apply the tape to both feet before cycling to get the best out of it. Best wishes, Footerella

    • footerella says:

      Yes Lisa this would definitely help his cycling. Also try and get him to see a Podiatrist for an orthotic to lift his transverse arch back up again – it runs across the ball of the foot and when it is depressed it exacerbates hot foot. If he is in UAE we advise seeing Michelle Champlin at the Dubai Podiatry Centre. Otherwise seek a biomechanics Podiatrist for foot assessment and treatment. Best wishes, Footerella

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