Foot Corns

Foot corns under the ball of the foot can be very painful. The main reason for having corns under this part of the foot is because the metatarsal bones are protruding through the fatty padding. This can be due to 2 reasons one either the fat pad has become thinner which is very common with Indian subcontinent feet. There is very little fatty padding on the sole of the feet and this diminishes with age. The arches are usually normal to high in this foot type which puts more pressure on the sole of the feet.

In another common case, where a bone in the forefoot has dropped, it pushes through the flatly padded layer and compresses the skin. In both cases the skin on the sole of the foot reacts by thickening. It thickens to the hardness of toenail. It is unique to the foot this type of hard skin.

Foot corns tape is used to pull the fatty padding back into place as well as lifting the bones back up. Use every day for 28 days to see results. The hardened skin stops growing after 3 months so repeated use of foot corns for 12 weeks / 3 months is advised.

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14 thoughts on “Foot Corns

  1. Nanita Sharma says:

    I have corns between my toes and I used an ointment and now the skin is very white and really painful. I used the ointment every day for 4 days. It was ok the first 4 days and now it’s extremely painful. What product should I use now? I want something that will get rid of my corns and not hurt. Thank you Nanita

    • footerella says:

      Dear Ashani, yes if your corn is 1 month or 3o years old the treatment will work when the foot alignment of the bones is corrected as this is what causes the corn in the first place. Best wishes, Footerella

  2. Betina says:

    Hi, Can I buy this for my mother? She is 74 and has feet like the first photograph. We have been putting numeric patches but the pain and hard skin and corns are still there. Thanks, B

    • footerella says:

      Dear Betina, Tumeric is a fantastic natural anti inflammatory. The foot corns tape works by changing the foots posture to allow the bones to sit differently so that the skin cannot grow a corn anymore. Best wishes, Footerella

  3. footerella says:

    Dear Neta, You should use the Corns suck tape to reposition your forefoot for 1-3 months. The forefoot bones commonly drop after childbirth due to the hormones that are released so that the pelvis can expand during childbirth. This affects the ligaments in the foot and makes the foot wider and bigger. Best wishes, Footerella

  4. Neta Verma says:

    How long before I seen the corn going away? How do I use this thing? I have had one on each foot for 2 years after having my first child and would like to fix it but I really do not want surgery. Neta

  5. Janette Verma says:

    I have a very painful corn and cannot walk properly and no my knee is paining me. Can I use this? Can I wear it in my heels for work? They have a low heel. I cannot wear other shoes for work. Thank you very much, Jan

    • footerella says:

      Dear Jan, Yes you can wear it in your slim-fitting shoes as it takes up very little space and also makes your foot slimmer and slightly smaller so that your shoes feet more spacious. Best wishes, Footerella

  6. Daniya Bhatia says:

    My husbands feet look like the last picture. He has tried creams on his feet and a liquid to peel the skin but nothing is working. Maybe he should try this foot corns tape? Daniya

    • footerella says:

      Dear Danika, your husband should definitely try the foot corns tape that holds the foot together and thickens the fat pad so the metatarsal foot bones are cushioned. This takes about 12 weeks for the callous and corns to stop growing naturally. Best wishes, Dubai Podiatry Centre

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