4D Foot Aligning Footerella System

The Footerella is a 4D system for the feet. It uses an electro-active 4D system that stimulates the muscles to move.

The Footerella minipad electro muscle stimulator tightens the muscles and intervates the nerves to the feet.

The foot insole aligners lift the arches in the feet causing the foot to get slimmer and smaller. There are 3 insoles that change the position of the foot in stages, similar to the way braces work for the teeth.

The adhesive tapes for the feet are used to bind the forefoot and the mid-foot making the foot slimmer and reducing the amount of splay in the forefoot which can lead to bunions and toe deformities. It works by moving the bones to be pushed closer together and allowing the ligaments to tighten and co tract the foot into that position.

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12 thoughts on “4D Foot Aligning Footerella System

  1. Keira White says:

    I have 42 size feet and my arch is flat I have been told. If I use this and it will lift my arch will my feet get smaller? Can you suggest by how much? Thanks, Keira

    • Julia Wise says:

      How can the footerella system be purchased as footerella.myshopify.com is currently unavailable?

      • footerella says:

        Hi Julia,

        You can come and purchase the system on Dubai Podiatry Centre. The clinic is located at Saeed Tower 2, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE. For more information, you can call: -971 4 343 5390 or send a message on Clinic Whatsapp: +971 50 355 3024

    • footerella says:

      Dear Mohammed, Yes we can send this to Kuala Lumpur. We deliver worldwide and free shipping over $200. Best wishes, Footerella

  2. footerella says:

    Great to hear Munawar! Keep us updates please and you can tag us on instagram too @footerella to show us your progress! Happy walking!

    • footerella says:

      Dear Jamila, You can order online Footerella.com and there is currently free worldwide shipping on orders over $200. Wishing you healthy feet, Footerella!

    • footerella says:

      Dear Jamila, we have just launched and we do not have a retailer in USA yet. You can order online and get free shipping over $200. Best wishes, Footerella

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