Hyper-pronation Wave Orthotic

Footerella The wave orthotic on sports shoe

There are many great running shoes for hyper-pronation. The inside aspect of the sole of the shoe is usually solid and made of a denser material.  If the running shoe is very soft the excessive probation is increase.

A device that actually correct and prevents the hyper-pronation is ideal. Wave orthotics are very thin – less than a millimetre. The reinforced wedge in the inside prevents hyper pronation. Depending on the angle of foot deviation, the wave orthotic aligner can be adjusted to correct any excessive movement.

For example, if the foot leans-in by 13 degrees the medial wedge for the wave orthotic aligner can be tilted 13 degrees to counter act is and aligning the foot and ankle.

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Verruca and warts

A verruca is a planter wart that is on the foot. The skin on the sole of the foot differs to elsewhere on the body. Usually when a wart is on the rest of the body grows out words like a little lump. On the sole of the foot the wart is pooled inwards inside the body and can grow much larger. The virus pulls the blood vessels and small nerves outside of the body the small blood vessels turn black as they get strangled.

Footerella Wartssuck gentle warts removal system

Warts suck device works by pulling the new blood supply towards the warts. The wart kills the tissue in the area and starves it of oxygenated blood. The warts suck suction device draws oxygenated blood to the wart so that the body can fight the virus. It is a painless treatment suitable for very young children also. It should be used it tonight for 10 minutes for 28 days using the rosehip anti-inflammatory cold pressed organic oil to create a suction. This is a safe home treatment for verruca and warts. Adults can use it also. If the problem persists visit a Podiatrist.

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