Forefoot tapes to bind the feet

The forefoot can widen and cause the gig toe to move away from the foot. This is called hallux valgus or commonly also known as a bunion. The ligaments soften and cause the bones to move away from each other which makes the foot wider. Female hormones make the ligaments softer compare to men’s ligaments that are stiffer and stronger. Using Footerella Tapes in the special position holds the foot together and can reverse early stages of bunion for formation.

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Foot Corns

Foot corns under the ball of the foot can be very painful. The main reason for having corns under this part of the foot is because the metatarsal bones are protruding through the fatty padding. This can be due to 2 reasons one either the fat pad has become thinner which is very common with Indian subcontinent feet. There is very little fatty padding on the sole of the feet and this diminishes with age. The arches are usually normal to high in this foot type which puts more pressure on the sole of the feet.

In another common case, where a bone in the forefoot has dropped, it pushes through the flatly padded layer and compresses the skin. In both cases the skin on the sole of the foot reacts by thickening. It thickens to the hardness of toenail. It is unique to the foot this type of hard skin.

Foot corns tape is used to pull the fatty padding back into place as well as lifting the bones back up. Use every day for 28 days to see results. The hardened skin stops growing after 3 months so repeated use of foot corns for 12 weeks / 3 months is advised.

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Men with Heel Pain – Heel Buzz

Usually heel pain starts only on 1 foot. It can be on and off until it is very very painful and feels like a broken bone inside the heel. Usually those suffering this painful condition called planter fasciitis feel like frauds. This is because when they wake up first thing in the morning the heel is very painful to put on the ground and after 20 steps it starts to feel better. Usually they can run 5 km or more without any problems and then after sitting for a while and standing up it is then very painful.

Family members can begin to believe that this person with your pain is making it up because how can they run for5 km or more and yet have pain in their feet when they go to stand up and take a few simple steps. Planter fatty, it is most commonly is the swelling of the heel bone where a very thick leather strap like structure called the planter fascia inserts into the heel bone.

Usually on the shorter leg every human being has a shorter leg this tilts the hip forward making that ankle slightly lean in and the arch to drop a little. This engages the plantar fascia to pull taught. If this goes on for too long the bone where it attaches into begins to crack microscopically which feels like a broken bone. Swelling builds up after periods of rest so that when the patient puts the foot on the ground it hurts as much as a broken bone but as walking begins to increase the circulation it removes the swelling so the pain feels better.

Using Hilbers cushions to heal and also the electro muscle stimulator helps with pain but also tightened and engages the foot arch muscles so that the foot is not reliant only on the plantar fascia to hold its shape. In severe cases and orthotic may have to be worn for 12 weeks to lift the arch and tilt the ankle straight to stop the overall engagement of the plantar fascia band.

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Burning foot when cycling

When cycling, the front of the foot is the main power from which the force of the lower leg is pushed through the pedal. If the forfeit is not in the correct metatarsal position the intermetatarsal muscles will start to cramp and feel very hot like burning sensation.

The metatarsal position is similar to the tooth position at the front of the mouth. The layman’s term for an overbite is called buck teeth. When the metatarsals drop instead of being rainbow shaped giving a nice transverse arch in the forfeit the metatarsals drop and become a depressed arch which does not engage the intermetatarsal muscles and these are the muscles that begin to burn and feel hot when cycling after 20 km or so.

By using adhesive stretchy kinesiology tapes, Hot Foot Relief TM, specially designed for this part of the foot to engage the transverse arch this will allow those muscles to engage during the force of the pedal push resulting in longer kilometres before the hot foot starts to develop. In severe cases are special orthotic may also have to be worn during the day when not cycling to lift the metatarsals back up similar to orthodontic braces for the teeth. For mild problems, use the hotfoot kinesesiology tape while cycling and for severe cases, visit your podiatrist for an orthotic to lift these bones outside and use hotfoot tapes whilst cycling to perform to your best.




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After having my baby my feet got bigger!

Most women discover after having their children that their feet have gotten bigger and wider. The pregnancy hormones make the ligaments softer and this affects the foot by making the bones part away from each other making the foot bigger and wider. Shoes can become tighter as the foot expands in width and length.

By using the Footerella System for 12 weeks, the arches in the feet lift and tighten , returning the feet to their former glory, or in most cases, even better.



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Getting married and want slimmer and smaller feet to fit your wedding shoes?

Getting married gives us a lot of motivation to be in the best shape of our lives. Finding the perfect wedding dress can be a very enjoyable experience. However finding the perfect wedding shoes can leave our feet aching. Pretty wedding shoes are usually not very comfortable. Trying to please the aesthetic lines of the foot in the shoe can mean forfeiting comfort.

Using the the Footerella System for 12 weeks before getting married can ensure that all the arches in your feet are at their highest - making the foot slimmer and smaller. To get the best from the Footerella System means walking to tighten the forefoot muscles. The added benefit of this is weight loss in general and forming the muscle tone in the legs and bottom.

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Khloe Kardashian’s pregnancy feet

Hey there Good Mama!

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It is well documented in "Keeping up with the Kardashian's", that Khloe has an extensive shoe collection.

During the last stages of pregnancy the feet can widen and get bigger in length. This may be a problem for the beautiful Khloe Kardashian’s shoe collection. Glowing Khloé Kardashian is eight months pregnant. For a month or two before and after pregnancy, female hormones loosen the ligaments so that the pelvic area can widen so that the woman can give birth to her baby.

However, this ligamentous laxity is not exclusive to only the pelvic area. It also softens the ligaments that hold the 26 bones together in the feet. The result is a drop in the medial arch - which makes the feet bigger and wider. That’s why it is recommended to wear an insole during the last month of the pregnancy. But if not, it’s not too late.

The Footerella System has 3 different intensity of insoles to keep the foot arches up. They can be worn when the new mother is walking her baby in the stroller.

Being such an active person her feet should tighten back up very quickly with her arch lifting insoles. The elector- muscle stimulator could be used for 15 minutes a day to both feet her to keep the muscle strong for 2 weeks. And if there has been any widening of the feet, adhesive foot tapes to bind the foot back together like a waist trainer would also help.

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