Michelle Champlin

Chief Podiatrist | B.Sc. Pod., S.R.Ch., M.Ch.S.,U.K


Footerella™ is home to foot, hand + body treatments that can be done at home. Our products are Podiatrist approved and clinically recommended. Implementing the latest techniques and technologies to get you feeling better quickly. Footerella™ endevours to keep costs low so that treating costly problems can be a thing of the past.

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Wave Orthotic for Children with Flat Feet

Children’s school shoes are very important to the health of the growing foot. Some children’s feet can have mild to severe misalignment just like the teeth can have. Using a very thin foot Wave Orthotic aligner inside school shoes can keep the foot perfectly formed ...
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Verruca and warts

A verruca is a planter wart that is on the foot. The skin on the sole of the foot differs to elsewhere on the body. Usually when a wart is on the rest of the body grows out words like a little lump. On the sole of the foot the ...
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Forefoot tapes to bind the feet

The forefoot can widen and cause the gig toe to move away from the foot. This is called hallux valgus or commonly also known as a bunion. The ligaments soften and cause the bones to move away from each other which makes the foot wider. Female hormones make the ligaments ...
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