Michelle Champlin

Chief Podiatrist | B.Sc. Pod., S.R.Ch., M.Ch.S.,U.K


Footerella™ is home to foot, hand + body treatments that can be done at home. Our products are Podiatrist approved and clinically recommended. Implementing the latest techniques and technologies to get you feeling better quickly. Footerella™ endevours to keep costs low so that treating costly problems can be a thing of the past.

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Kelly Slater’s Feet

The top athlete and pro surfer, Kelly Slater Instagram and a photo of both of his feet showing x-rays of the left and right foot. He explained he has had 5 foot injuries since 2003 with the most recent on the right foot ligamentous strain which can be called turf-toe ...
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Prevent golf club grip finger blisters

A practical assessment of Golf Finger tapes by Mark Armstrong ” It summer, humidity and sweat makes me increase my grip on the handle and my left 5th finger starts to rub and friction on the end of the club. The tapes saved my fingers on my left thumb and ...
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Hyper-pronation Wave Orthotic

There are many great running shoes for hyper-pronation. The inside aspect of the sole of the shoe is usually solid and made of a denser material.  If the running shoe is very soft the excessive probation is increase. A device that actually correct and prevents the hyper-pronation is ideal. Wave ...
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