Michelle Champlin

Chief Podiatrist | B.Sc. Pod., S.R.Ch., M.Ch.S.,U.K


Footerella™ is home to foot, hand + body treatments that can be done at home. Our products are Podiatrist approved and clinically recommended. Implementing the latest techniques and technologies to get you feeling better quickly. Footerella™ endevours to keep costs low so that treating costly problems can be a thing of the past.

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Foot Corns

Foot corns under the ball of the foot can be very painful. The main reason for having corns under this part of the foot is because the metatarsal bones are protruding through the fatty padding. This can be due to 2 reasons one either the fat pad has become thinner ...
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Men with Heel Pain – Heel Buzz

Usually heel pain starts only on 1 foot. It can be on and off until it is very very painful and feels like a broken bone inside the heel. Usually those suffering this painful condition called planter fasciitis feel like frauds. This is because when they wake up first thing ...
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Burning foot when cycling

When cycling, the front of the foot is the main power from which the force of the lower leg is pushed through the pedal. If the forfeit is not in the correct metatarsal position the intermetatarsal muscles will start to cramp and feel very hot like burning sensation. The metatarsal ...
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