Slimmer Feet

Wide feet can be a problem for women and lead to bunions. Female hormones make our skin and ligaments very different to males. It makes ours more supple and vulnerable to stretching as they are softer. Therefore, we get wider feet and our arches in our feet can drop. This should be combated with use of the Footerella System. It will take some work on your part. You can see a podiatrist about helping you to use your Footerella System. However, it is similar to dental braces. The great thing is though, that there is no tightening of brace to be administered by a dentist! You can actually use our advice and your own common sense to get slimmer and smaller feet at home. Using the Footerella Device for at least 1 x 30 minute cycle a day, keeping your feet taped and using the Footerella Foot Bed system during the day and for exercise, you will get your feet in excellent shape.

The Footerella System works on soft tissue. It stimulates muscles, squeezes your foot to be slimmer and smaller by contracting your tendons and ligaments. It can also help to reposition bones in your feet, much like the teeth in your mouth with braces. However, it cannot make your bones smaller. If you have arthritis of your joints, or a boney growth in your feet, it will not fix this. In this case you should see a Podiatric Surgeon. At Michelle Champlin€™s Clinic, the Podiatrists are trained to easily feel the bones. If they are suspicious that a bone has overgrown, or a joint has become enlarged, they will send you for an x-ray to confirm.