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Who is Footerella for?

The Footerella system is designed for women due to female hormones making the ligaments in the feet softer, thus making the foot bones spread apart and making the foot wider and apparently €˜grow€. This can lead to bunions, feet suddenly growing a shoes size or more and corns on the little toe and under the forefoot.

When the ligaments are affected by changing softening hormones, such as those release during pregnancy, and menopause, the feet grow and get bigger and wider. To combat these , you should use the Footerella System to get the foot back to normal, if not better than normal.

The use of the word bunion is also sketchy. A bunion is usually the word people use for a bump that grows out the side of the inside forefoot, behind the big toe. This can actually cause by the boney growing larger, the joint growing larger, or the bone slipping away from it€™s holding spot next to the bone behind the second toe and sticking out the side of the foot. T can slip out and turn, and also turn the big toe with it. Obviously, we don€™t want this to happen, so we use the Footerella System to get the  foot back into shape, just like teeth need braces!. Sometimes however, teeth need to be pulled to make way for other teeth due to overcrowding. Podiatrist trained with the Footerella System can look out for this and see if it is a good match for you, or if it is too late and you require foot surgery first.

The Podiatrists trained with Michelle Champlin, use the very latest techniques in Foot surgery. It is not a case if trimming off a small piece of bone, of the main bone is slipping out of place and will make the problem worse after a few years, the Foot surgeons associated with Michelle Champlin will use the best longterm, cosmetically pleasing method for your feet, not the granny procedure used for so long, even today!

Footerella Foot Bed

The Footerella Foot Bed is avery strong foot support. It is definitely not comfortable for the first 3 weeks. It is recommended to wear it in gradually. Start with just 30 minutes a day for the first week, then moving up to half a day for the next 7 days of the second week, then by the third week, wear it all day. Do not exercise in it for the first month. The foot bed is designed to raise your arches that make your foot smaller and slimmer. If you wear it too much for too ling and too vigorously, you will fatigue your foot muscles and have to give yourself a weeks break.

After a month, start walking for 10,000 steps a day on your footbed. Of course your foot will ache wearing it, As the days and weeks go by, your feet will be able to walk a longer distance before complaining. When your feet stop aching, the job is done!

How to make your feet smaller

The only way to get smaller feet is to lift the arches in your feet.

If you have a flat foot, it will be larger than id you have higher arches. Just like of you have a flat piece of A4 paper on a desk, it measures 33cm. When you bring the lengths in to make a bridge, the length is now much shorter. The Footerella System is designed to electronically stimulate the muscles in your  medial longitudinal arch, which runs along the inner part of your foot. This will make the length shorter.

The Footerella System also electronically works on your transverse arch. This is a lesser known arch, It runs along the width of your foot at the front, just behind your toes.  By making this arch higher, this will make your foot slimmer.

The Footerella Device stimulates weakened muscles to make your foot tighter in both length and width.

The taping method of the Footerella System  is also very important. It holds your foot in place in between treatments. Just like braces for your teeth, the taping methods is used to improve your foot bones and ligament posture. The Footerella Device stimulates the foot muscles. Together, it is a really good way to awaken your foot muscles and hold your foot in a smaller and slimmer system.

You should also incorporate the Footerella Foot Bed. This is a foot bed that helps to support your feet in the ideal position with the taping and Footerella Device treatments.

It may take some months, just like braces for the teeth, but with a combined effort of the muscle stimulating Footerella Device, the Footerella Taping method and the Footerella Foot Bed support, the results should show for themselves.

It is proven that Electromuscle stimulators (EMS devices) work in physiotherapy to stimulate muscles. So the Footerella Device itself is a wonderful way to engage these muscle groups. Often, some muscles are weak due to inactivity, so it is recommended to walk 10,000 steps a day , using the Footerella Foot Bed to hold the foot in the correct position, and enforcing strict movement with Footerella Taping method, measuring with a Footerella Pedometer, to achieve maximum results.

Podiatrist Micelle Champlin takes no risks in achieving success. To make sure you get the correct amount of steps a day using the Footerella Foot bed system, you must use the Footerella Pedometer. There should be 10,000 steps a day achieved. The Footerella taping method keeps the foot under very strict control too. Combing the Footerella Footbed and Footerella Taping Systems, the foot has little mind of it€™s own. However, keeping strict control of the foot can make the muscles lazy, so the Footerella Device has to be used too. The Footerella Device has very specific programs. It has 5 programs to choose from. If you have flat feet, it will engage your inside foot muscles, mainly to make your foot tighter and smaller. If you wear a lot of high heels, choose the program high heels. This will make the width of your foot slimmer.

How to get smaller feet

Feet can become large if you have flat feet. When the arch is collapsed the foot is longer. By lifting the arch it makes the foot smaller. There are three arches in the feet. The inside of your foot should have the larges and tallest arch height. The outside of the foot has a smaller arch. There is also an arch that runs across the front of your foot from behing the big toe to the small toe. When the foot is flat, it makes the foot longer and wider. By lifting all thress of these arches with the Footerella foot support and toning the muscles using the Footerella device, the foot can decrease in size. For a full attempt at decreasing the size of the feet, the Footerella adhesive taping method should also be used. Buy the Footerella device here     and enquire about the Footerella foot support and adhesive taping by sending us an email.