About Footerella

The Footerella System TM is a combination of therapies to make your foot tighter, meaning slimmer and smaller. The Footerella Device is an electro-muscle stimulator, commonly used by physiotherapists, to engage muscles. This is very useful for tired or weak foot muscles. The Footerella Taping Method is designed to bind your foot into a tighter position. The Footerella Foot Bed is designed to support the foot in a more arched position to help make the foot slimmer and smaller. When all of these methods are used, the foot can become smaller and slimmer by increasing the arch heights of you feet, toning the muscles to make the foot slimmer and more toned. It is specifically designed for women as female hormones can have a big impact on the structure of the foot. The ligaments can soften and allow the foot to spread, making it wider and longer. Excessive high heel use can also put more pressure on the forefoot. Resulting in the front of the foot becoming wider, even promoting bunion formation.

The Footerella Foot Bed is avery strong foot support. It is definitely not comfortable for the first 3 weeks. It is recommended to wear it in gradually. Start with just 30 minutes a day for the first week, then moving up to half a day for the next 7 days of the second week, then by the third week, wear it all day. Do not exercise in it for the first month. The foot bed is designed to raise your arches that make your foot smaller and slimmer. If you wear it too much for too ling and too vigorously, you will fatigue your foot muscles and have to give yourself a weeks break.

After a month, start walking for 10,000 steps a day on your footbed. Of course your foot will ache wearing it, As the days and weeks go by, your feet will be able to walk a longer distance before complaining. When your feet stop aching, the job is done!

Footerella Taping is an intensive way to get your feet under control. Similar to braces for your teeth, the Footerella Taping keeps your foot from spreading in length and width. This helps over time to shorten your muscles and ligaments and tendons. Just as if you wore high heels every day, would make your calf muscles shorter, the Footerella Taping makes your feet smaller and slimmer instantly by using a technique to encourage the arches that run along the length and width of your feet. This makes your foot instantly smaller and slimmer.

You should not use this method by itself. Just as if you broke your leg and kept it in a cast for 6 weeks, your leg would be very skinny when you take the cast  off due to lack of use of the muscles. The muscles get last. This is very bad news for the foot as it makes your arches collapse. So you must use the Footerella Device to combat this and engage your foot muscle. By wearing the Footerella Foot Bed, you can support you feet even better. There is an strict control over your feet with the Footerella System just as if you were wearing dental teeth braces