How to get smaller feet

Feet can become large if you have flat feet. When the arch is collapsed the foot is longer. By lifting the arch it makes the foot smaller. There are three arches in the feet. The inside of your foot should have the larges and tallest arch height. The outside of the foot has a smaller arch. There is also an arch that runs across the front of your foot from behing the big toe to the small toe. When the foot is flat, it makes the foot longer and wider. By lifting all thress of these arches with the Footerella foot support and toning the muscles using the Footerella device, the foot can decrease in size. For a full attempt at decreasing the size of the feet, the Footerella adhesive taping method should also be used. Buy the Footerella device here     and enquire about the Footerella foot support and adhesive taping by sending us an email.