The Footerella System is designed for women due to female hormones making the ligaments in the feet softer, thus making the foot bones spread apart and making the foot wider and apparently €˜grow€™.  This can lead to bunions, feet suddenly growing a shoes size or more and corns on the little toe and under the forefoot.

When the ligaments are affected by changing softening hormones, such as those release during pregnancy, and menopause, the feet grow and get bigger and wider. To combat these , you should use the Footerella System to get the foot back to normal, if not better than normal.

The use of the word bunion is also sketchy. A bunion is usually the word people use for a bump that grows out the side of the inside forefoot, behind the big toe. This can actually cause by the boney growing larger, the joint growing larger, or the bone slipping away from it€™s holding spot next to the bone behind the second toe and sticking out the side of the foot. T can slip out and turn, and also turn the big toe with it. Obviously, we don€™t want this to happen, so we use the Footerella System to get the  foot back into shape, just like teeth need braces!. Sometimes however, teeth need to be pulled to make way for other teeth due to overcrowding. Podiatrist trained with the Footerella System can look out for this and see if it is a good match for you, or if it is too late and you require foot surgery first.

The Podiatrists trained with Michelle Champlin, use the very latest techniques in Foot surgery. It is not a case if trimming off a small piece of bone, of the main bone is slipping out of place and will make the problem worse after a few years, the Foot surgeons associated with Michelle Champlin will use the best longterm, cosmetically pleasing method for your feet, not the granny procedure used for so long, even today!